The rest of this message is a copy from last year but in addition I would like to emphasize that in the mile almost everyone goes out way too fast even more so than the longer NYRR races. Also don’t start in the back you will have very little time to make up for the time that will be lost weaving in the beginning. Try to focus on relaxing the 1st 5 blocks (1/4 mile) as you’ll go plenty fast without focusing on speed.
Copied from 2014:
I have never run this race so I don’t know
the topography personally but the course outline says that 1st 1/4 mile
is a gentle downhill and that the 2nd 1/4 a slight uphill. It says that
the 3rd 1/4 Is downhill and the last 1/4 flat. I plan on being at the
3/4 mile mark on the right barring any problems. I will be
the guy yelling “relax faster” or something like that. Try not to go out too fast with the vast majority who
will do so. A good way for an early pace check is to remember that 15
seconds per block is a 5 minute pace, 18 seconds a 6 minute pace and 21 a
7 minute pace. Measure the blocks from the start line’s relation to the
actual intersection and also time from crossing the starting line not
from the gun. Good luck.

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