With forecasts predicting temperatures in the low 90’s this evening I’d like to run our coolest, shadiest course the “Hill & Dale” run. The club team championship is this Saturday and those running it are advised to run this one strictly on form at a speed no faster than 15 seconds per mile slower than goal pace. Run this way it can help in adjusting to the heat. Here are my note from 5 weeks ago when we last ran this course.
Hill & Dale
This consists of 6 x 3 minutes hard then
3 minutes easy. It’s a beautiful rolling course and somewhat
challenging. I will also have a “novice” course that is a little less
complicated and less challenging if there is interest in that. The
regular course is Witches Spring Trail (all of it), 200m north on Gorey
Brook Rd Trail, 13 Bridges Loop (all of it), Eagle Hill Trail (all of
it). We finish heading south on Gorey Brook Rd Trail (again) to the farm
road trails to our meeting spot.
We will be starting the speed
portion at “Witches Spring Trail” which is well north of our meeting
point, so there will be a 3/4 of a mile warm-up built in. Call me at 914
469-0702 if you are running late as we will be starting on time. There
are short cuts that you can take to catch up with the group.

is trail map that includes the whole run. We meet at our normal spot
(see the web site) which farm trails are unlabeled and in orange on this map
and more than a little confusing (to me at least).


The workouts start at 5:45PM. They start here: http://goo.gl/e9jP7 For more information: http://goo.gl/mEbIW