Today will be 10 x 2minutes fast with a 2 minute recovery on a meandering
course around the upper pastures and barns then past the lake and maybe the
rabbit ear extension if you are up to it. We’ve moved the starting time so
I’d really like to start on time but if you are running a *few* minutes
late call me at 914 469-0702.
I also started a weekend speed program aimed at and structured for
improving your 1 mile time. It looks like it will be mostly on line
instructions and advice as finding a mutually convenient time and place has
proved to be difficult. Some of you already have but please let me know if
you are interested. You could also use it as a substitute for our regular
workout if you miss that. I strongly advise not doing double speed unless
you have a solid base of the regular speed work. Also please contact me
before starting for important advise and cautions.

The workouts start at 5:45PM. They start here: For more information: