I wanted to wait to see what the day’s weather forecast would be and Weather Underground’s Sleepy Hollow forecast for today at 6PM is 88 degrees with 42% humidity ?. I’d like to do hills where the course is mostly shady and cut it back to 4 x 100 seconds, 4 x 50 seconds & 3 x 25 seconds. I would also recommend to those of you running the club team championships to run them (if at all) at a greatly reduced effort & just fine tune your form.

Hill Repeats:
The workout is 4 x 100, 4 x 50 and 3 x 25 seconds
up the hill
towards the barns and starts from our meeting point. The recovery is the
jog back to the start. This is a great workout for those new to
the speed workouts as we all get back to the start about the same time
as the faster runners will have a longer recovery run back to the start.

For more information: goo.gl/mEbIW