Hey gang! 

I just did a 30 minute run from the pumphouse.  There is indeed no evidence of plowing.  However, I was able to park at the pumphouse itself and I didn't get a ticket nor did I see any no parking signs.  I would suggest we do the following:  come tomorrow and park to the side along the road before the bridge, and then overflow to the pumphouse parking lot itself.  If you're parking along the road, make sure everyone parks on only one side and pulls as far off the road as possible.  We could also overflow even further to the fork in the road.  And runners coming from Croton could park at Batten road and run over the damn dam.
Of course, like running in general, this is done at your own risk.  If your car gets ticketed or gets plowed under by a late coming plow-man, you will have my heartfelt empathy but little else.

That being said, I know no amount of snow, new or fallen, will detract the heartfelt from their appointed workouts tomorrow.
Best to all.
On Fri, Feb 7, 2014 at 12:46 PM, TRRC Water Schedule <water@runner.org> wrote:

Hi all,

I drove by the pumphouse at about noon today (Fri), and while the roads aren't too bad, the parking lot we use hasn't been plowed (and there are high piles around the front from the street plowing.)  Unless they plow this afternoon, I don't think we can use it tomorrow morning.

Any thoughts?