With the clocks changing on Sunday, it's time to begin our workouts at Rockefeller.  We will meet at the usual place by the stone arch Tuesday 3/16  at 5:45 PM for the Pacing Workout.

Pacing Workout:

The workout is 4 X 3 minutes out and 3 minutes back with 3 minutes recovery.  The course features a gentle downhill going out and obviously a slight uphill coming back.  The goal is to get back to the exact starting point without looking at your watch after heading back.  This workout is one where when done properly everyone finishes at the same place at the same time.  A secondary goal is to go slightly further on each repeat.

Keep in mind that although we run in a quieter section of the Preserve, the trails are multi-use and we will encounter others during our runs.  Please respect others and follow common-sense Covid precautions:

·         Bring a mask or gaiter than can be pulled up when passing others on the trail and when we gather to regroup between intervals. 

·         Run on the left and run single file when passing others.

·         If our group is large, we may begin each interval in groups of 4 to space things out. 

·         Always yield to carriages/ equestrians.