Let's meet at the usual place by the stone arch Tuesday 3/23 at 5:45 PM for the Hill Repeats workout:

Hill Repeats

The workout is 5 X 100, 5 X 50, and 3 X 25 seconds up the hill towards the barns and starts from our meeting point.  The recovery is the jog back to the start.  A secondary goal will be to go slightly further on each segment.

This is a great workout for those new to the speed workouts as we all get back to the start at the same time (faster runners will have a longer recovery run back to the start.)

Keep in mind that although we run in a quieter section of the Preserve, the trails are multi-use and we will encounter others during our runs.  Please respect others and follow common-sense Covid precautions:

·         Bring a mask or gaiter than can be pulled up when passing others on the trail and when we gather to regroup between intervals. 

·         Run on the left and run single file when passing others.

·         If our group is large, we may begin each interval in groups of 4 to space things out. 

        Always yield to carriages/ equestrians