It’s back to shorter speed this week with the workout being the Lake run of
10 x 2 minutes on and two minutes off. We start with a 2 minute warm-up.
I took this article from the NYRR site. The 200m bursts that they mention
are similar to the 30 second strides that I preach about. And you don’t
have to be 40+ to benefit from strides. Just to review strides are 30
second bursts followed by a 1 minute recovery. Do them in the middle of any
non-speed training run and do 6 repeats. Accelerate slowly and focus on
form. You’ll get a lot of benefits for 3 minutes of hard running.
Congratulations to out milers Emily, Mary, Karen & Tom for their
performances at the 5th Ave. Mile.
Here’s the link.


The workouts start at 5:45PM. They start here: For more information: