Hello fellow Rocky’s Runners,
Usually at this time of year I make a collection for our coach, Jack, who dedicates his time to coordinate our track  workout sessions. In the next 2 weeks you may give me your donation at the end of our workout. If for some reason you may not attend, you can email me back, and drop a check in the mail to the address below. Please if you reply back, state who you are, since I may not know your email.  I will present the gift card and card to him on Wed Oct 12th.
Any amount is acceptable and the amount given is not listed on the card. I will add your name to the card. I know he will appreciate this gift of thanks from our group.
If you have any questions, please call my cell at 914-588-0423.

Ted Pernicano
2770 Crescent Drive
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598