The forecast is for the upper 60’s on Wednesday so Spring has finally arrived. We start from our meeting point and the first segemnt is a slower warmup up the hill.

Lake Run:
The Lake Run around Swan Lake consists of 10 x 2 minutes hard followed by a 2 minute recovery. It starts with a very long uphill then moderate rolling hills ending with a long downhill. Half of the course consists of farm trails and then the park trails. They are 1) Brothers Path 2) Old Rail Road Bed 3) Peaceful Path 4) Brothers Path again 5) Farm Meadows Trail and back again to the farm roads. We will have an alternate course if needed for those new to this workout. We leave the starting point at 5:45 but again there is a shortcut to catch up to the group so give me a call or text to 914 469-0702 if you are going to be a little late.

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