Future Taconic racer! Start them young 😉

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Hello everyone,
I dont do stuff like this but guess I cant contain myself:  my 2 year old son Mathias who says that can run as fast as “Flash” has the most awesome race picture. So much so that NYRR placed it in their instagram feed (which automatically gives me bragging rights for a couple of years, at least) ??:
He is the one front and center with the orange t-shirt (“Dont Sweat Me!”)
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We do hold practice even if it rains but not with lightning. The forecast for after 5PM doesn’t include lightning but does for earlier in the afternoon. Call me at 914 469-0702 with any questions.The workout is 4 x 1200m at the course which is about a third of a mile north on Canter Alley. We start at the 1st small bridge.

1200m Loop

The course is a gentle downhill going out and has rolling (mostly up) hills coming back. There are opportunities to practice both downhill and uphill form, tangents and three strides after sharp turns and hill crests. This a thinking runners course.

For more information: goo.gl/mEbIW