This week’s workout will be held at the Yorktown HS track and is also run in conjunction with the monthly meeting. We’ll start at 5:45PM but I will stay a little later for those of you who can’t make it by 5:45. The track is to the east of FDR Park and there is a map showing the school & the park. Park on the high school side of the school property and the track is in the southwestern part of that school property. It can’t be seen easily until you get out of your car. If the track is in use we may have to go to FDR Park and run from the bottom of the hill of Lot 4 and do hill repeats again. My guess is that we’ll have no problem and that we will be able to use the track.
The workout itself is 4 x 400m with a full 400m recovery and 4 x 200 with a 200m recovery.
Here’s a map showing the track and the park (note that lot 4 is a the top of the park).