Listen, we’re all busy.  And we’re all runners.  That means we are busy runners!  Sometimes, it’s hard in a busy week to get in your speed workout.  To really push yourself.  To get coaching from a great man who happens to be a great photographer.  Here are some amazing shots of what he’s taken the last couple of weeks.  What a good looking crowd!

What are we talking about?  Every Wednesday our very own Jack Brennan offers a speed workout in Rockefeller State Preserve.  It’s free and it’s fast.  Worried that you’re not fast enough to join in?  That’s no excuse!  There are runners of all abilities and all levels of training.  Come one and all.

The workout is every Wednesday at 5:30.  We meet here.  Check this page for the next weekout.  This week is the 4th, so we’re all running the Putnam County Classic.  But we’ll be back running the 11th.

Are you in these pictures?  Want full size images, they’re on flickr.

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