The heartbreak at the cancelling of the New York Marathon has been somewhat offset by some great performances by the club.

Jane Lundy came in first in her division — with a great 3:04:15 in Philadelphia.  The club is in awe of her great accomplishment and her victory!

Also, in Philly, Cai Jin ran a 3:20:06, with Greg Cohen coming in at 3:23:42.

At Harrisburg, hardly an easy course, Mike Bakker ran a mind blowing 2:58:45 to come in third in his division.  Karen Davies came in 3rd as well with a 3:31:15.  Mike Moccia qualified for Boston with a 3:23:42, as did Jimmy Ahearn who came came in at 3:26:07.

In fact, if our calculations are correct, we all qualified for Boston.  It’s going to be crowded up there in 2014.  Maybe we can all share a room.  Or not.  That’s gross.

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