Cross Country Relay December 8, 2019

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It’s time for the Cross Country Relays — December 16th at 10am! As always, it takes place in Blue Mountain Reserve. Not 100% clear where that is? Here’s a map!

Each women’s and men’s team consists of 3 runners,  The cost per runner is $10. Each runner races the same 3+ mile course.

Both men and women run three person teams.  It’ll be great!!!

Awards for male and female teams in the following categories: High School, Open and Master. Mixed teams are allowed but are scored with the men’s teams.

The race starts from the lodge at blue mountain — see the map below. They’ll be a pancake breakfast after the race, and showers are available at the lodge.

Please note that the race is Sunday this year.  We’ll be partying afterwards with the Couple’s relay crowd.

Questions? Skip Hovdestad is the race director. Send him an email.

This year you can register in advance!  Same price, but we pay the credit card fee!

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