In conjunction with the Club meeting and Beer Mile (6:45PM) this coming week’s workout will be held at Yorktown HS track and is designed to quickly improve your speed. The workout is:

1) 800m (2 laps) with a 400m recovery

2) 600m with 400m recovery

3) 400m with a 400m recovery

4) 300m with a 300m recovery

5) 200m with a 200m recovery

6) 100m with a running start (finish kick practice)

 The Peeksill Mile is being held on August 20th. I’d love to help anyone get their mile PR at that race. If one can get their mile time down all the longer races will follow & result in faster times for all distances.

 I set two starting times with the earlier one for those who want to  cheer on the beer mile  contestants