Team-Effort-600x324This race is still open for registration.
These are my thoughts from last year and they remain true in my mind. It’s supposed to be warm so make sure you get fully hydrated over the next few days. During the race I drank and doused at each water stop and was able to run well in similarly hot conditions on the same course (30:44 at age 60). I would emphasize trying to relax when you are tightening up or struggling (Relax Faster). Good luck to all.

Before the race throw in some strides with your normal warm-up routine. Take an energy gel about 10 minutes before the start and save one for the 4 mile mark. Also jog backwards on the course from the finish line at around an 8 minute pace and note where you are at two minutes that will be your 1/4 mile to go mark and again at 4 minutes that will be your 1/2 mile to go mark. Knowing this really helps at the end of the when you are physically & mentally fatigued.For the race itself:1) Get a good starting position. Remember to relax and concentrate on form for this mostly uphill 1st mile, as the crowd will pull you along. Hopefully you won’t run too fast as this could easily ruin your race.

2) The 1st 1/4 mile has tangents on the 102nd transverse cut them as best you can but the crowds may hamper that.

3) The west side has a series of three hills each easier than the one before but this is still the toughest mile on the course so expect a slower mile split. Do your three quick strides after the crest of each hill.

4) 2nd mile is mostly downhill and the fastest mile. Use your downhill technique. There is a hill at the end of this mile leading up to near the NY Marathon finish but from the opposite direction

5) The third mile around the bottom of the park is rolling and

slower that you would expect. Don’t get discouraged by a slower split.There are tangent opportunities here

6) 4th mile has Cat Hill. Relax going up using your breathing to do

so . Don’t bunch up your shoulders.

7) The last mile could be your fastest if you have anything left.

Think form and quickness down the long straight away which is about a half of the mile. Do your tangents after that.

8) There is a sharp turn onto 102nd St. Try to accelerate into the turn while others are slowing down then do three quick steps after the turn then an all out sprint for the finish line driving with your arms. Race through & pastthe finish line.

9) Give yourself a pat on the back for running a smart gutsy race.

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